God bless this iced coffee addict

I tried, alright, I really tried.

Let me back up a bit.

Right now it’s about midnight Monday, January 19th and I finally finished making iced coffee.

Just as a refresher, I tried to make my own iced coffee to save money. But after getting made fun of by my family for a gross looking pitcher of dirt water I don’t know if it’s worth it. But here’s what I did.

This morning, at about 11:30ish I got my shit together and tried to make iced coffee. I should’ve done it when I woke up this morning. But whatever. I chose to follow Hungry Girl Por Vida’s recipe. Won’t lie, it seemed the easiest to me. Plus the wikihow article was only a general outline. So here’s the beginning of a terrible idea.

Here are my supplies. Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla ground coffee. I’m a little nervous about the flavoring but hopefully this works out. Pretty pitcher with 9 cups of water. And cling wrap to cover the pitcher evenly. Peep Santa Claus’s beard in the background. Oops.

French Vanilla man, I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

Here’s my pitcher of dirt water. Ugh.

Here’s how I separated the coffee grinds from the coffee. It is from Teavana. They don’t make this model anymore since its at least 5 years old but I found this, which is essentially the same thing.

So because the recipe told me to leave it for 12 hours, I decided to go to sleep with an alarm set for 11:30pm. That was a terrible idea. Not only did my alarm go off just as I was falling asleep, I also had to get out of my nice warm bed to go filter coffee that I couldn’t even drink yet. I really am hoping it’ll be worth it tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck everyone, cheers!


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