Iced Coffee Recipes

Weeeelllll, I suck.

4 days of “researching” iced coffee was pretty much me looking at really pretty pictures of coffee while crying about how much I needed coffee at that moment. But, I collected four sites with pretty delicious looking pictures, so here are the contenders in the order that I found them:

  1. Hungry Girl Por Vida’s Vanilla Almond Iced Coffee:IMG_8668The vanilla almond flavor comes from the creamer that is made separately then added to the coffee once its made. I’m not really a huge creamer fan because I kinda like the taste of coffee but options make the world go round so that’s why its on the list.
  2. The Housewife in Training’s Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee:DSC_2106Created by an ex-starbucks barista, this recipe caught my attention because of the cute little anecdote as well as her dislike for people who think iced coffee is simply pouring hot coffee over ice once brewed. We both agreed that you definitely should not do that. While the blog title is something I don’t really understand, I definitely think this is a great one to follow.
  3. The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee:5826458140_48b1f23aef_zThis one totally threw me for a loop because of how detailed the explanation was (which I enjoyed) and how awesome the condensed milk looked. Like I said, I’m not a creamer person. I put a splash of skim milk and a sugar or two in my iced coffee and then I’m gone. But this woman’s tidbit about adding condensed milk to the iced coffee looked magical. Plus, I love the pitcher she made it in. Always a fan of cute and functional.
  4. and finally WikiHow’s first way to make Iced Coffee:670px-Make-Iced-Coffee-Step-1While the picture makes the coffee look super weak (bleh) the explanation is pretty useful. Also, again, totally cute pitcher (not shown here, obviously.)

So I think the general plan for this weekend will be to make an iced coffee recipe of my own by mixing all four of the above ideas. Hopefully, I’ll be able to document everything without getting frustrated and throwing coffee grinds at someone. I have a good feeling about this and will make sure I write down what I do so that I can share it here.

Wish me luck!


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