Merry December 26th

So, now that Christmas is over, it looks like I’m going to have to stop eating and shopping like I’m on my way to the electric chair. That’s depressing. My parents and siblings just touched down in Tampa, Florida, where they will be spending the next 4 days lounging by the pool with my aunt, uncle and cousins. I, on the other hand, will be spending the next four days shuffling between work and random family members who all feel bad for me since I will be home alone. People find it weird that I enjoy being alone. Having the house to myself is freeing. I miss my family terribly, and coming home to an empty house at night and having to make my own dinner really sucks, especially if I have a bad day, but spending the weekend doing nothing but eating junk food, reading, and watching movies by myself is something I am definitely looking forward to. Too bad it wont be happening.

Tonight I’ll be having dinner with my boyfriend and his mother. She doesn’t like that I’ll be home alone for dinner so they are “forcing” me to come over after work. I am definitely not complaining.

Tomorrow I have errands to run, I need to buy make up brushes, have a shoe maker add pads to the bottom of my new boots so that they have better traction, get my hair cut, go to the jewelry store to find a birthday gift for a friend, and make sure the house is clean all before 6:45pm, which is when I will finally be seeing the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at the AMC dine in movie theater in New Jersey. I’m sure I can sneak in a couple of cookies, so at least I’ll fulfill the junk food requirement.

Sunday I plan on vegging out by watching Gilmore Girls and making room in my closet for the new boots I got from Santa until about 5ish when I’m going into Brooklyn to see my cousins for their birthday. After a little cake and coffee, I’m heading back home for a wine and cheese night with a friend. She needs a girls night and I really like wine and cheese.

Monday should be a slow work day (like today) so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

And Tuesday, my family finally comes home and I’ll have people to talk to again. My entire family has weird separation anxiety and don’t like it when one of us isn’t there. It’s calmed down since we went off to college, but my parents still aren’t huge fans of doing something unless all 6 of us are available to go. Since I started working a year and a half ago, there were a lot of things I had to miss, the main one being our trip to Florida after Christmas. We used to rotate our New Years Eve plans, sometimes we would be home and spend NYE with my mom’s family and sometimes we would spend it in Naples, Florida, the 6 of us together as a family. But now, because taking off that week has become almost impossible for me, we’ve been spending New Years with my mom’s family, and they’ve gone to Florida between Christmas and NYE for the last 2 Christmases. Being home alone for a few days never bothered me but I miss having someone to hug when I get home. My parents feel bad about leaving me there to fend for myself (even though all I really need is pasta and I’m fine) so I spend every Christmas telling them its fine and I’m ok.

So here is to the slowest work week of the year and tonight’s dinner being the only home cooked meal I’ll be eating for the next four days!



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