The Terrible Tales of a Online Shopaholic

Online shopping is the worst thing that could ever have been thought up. It feeds the lazy person’s need to shop while allowing them to do nothing. In short, it’s the best damn invention ever.

Most of my Christmas shopping was done online. I hate Christmas shopping and malls during the holiday season, and online shopping is a blessing. No more being trampled by bratty children and their rude parents because you accidentally walked into the same mall wing as Santa; no more waiting on lines that wrap around the giant store twice; no more dealing with sales associates that deal with psychopaths all day long and can’t remember how to talk to people normally (sales associates hate it THE WORST during the holidays, poor things.) Online shopping cancelled all that shit right out and lets me sit on my bed in my banana republic wine bottle boxers with matching blue oversized tshirt and get everything I need brought right to me. In one weekend, I was able to knock most of my presents out, (still needed to go to the mall and grab a Yankee candle and necklace- misery) while never having to leave the four safe, brat-less walls of my room.

So that’s all well and good, but now that I’m done Christmas shopping, you’d think I would stop online shopping… Well if you answered yes then you are very, very wrong.

It’s become such a terrible habit that yesterday, while on the bus ride home, I got an email from (appropriate site name, I know,) clicked through, and ended up ordering over $100 worth of stuff on my phone… For myself. Then, once I got home, I order another $75 worth of stuff for myself. It’s become a nightmare. My bank account is crying and I need to stop.

But I’ve been told that the first step to overcoming an obstacle is admitting you have a problem, so here we go:
Hello, my name is Angela and I cannot stop online shopping for things I probably don’t need.

But lets be realistic man, I got a cashmere sweater for 40 bucks… I probably needed that one.


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