Thanksgiving in the Dark

Thursday afternoon, the power went out and the water in the house shut off. In order to still some kind of thanksgiving dinner, my dad took charge and showed his inner MacGyver.

All dinner was warmed and finished on either the charcoal barbecue, the propane camping barbecue, or the turkey fryer, (we fried some of the already baked turkey too- best idea ever.) A flood light was plugged into a generator outside and placed in the kitchen, pointing toward the table. A few dozen candles were spread out along the two folding tables, as well as the dining room table my mom inherited from her grandmother. 25 people gathered in the dark kitchen of a cabin in the Catskills to give thanks for family, friends, love, and life.

I’m thankful for so many things in my life, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my work, but above all, I’m so thankful the lights went out on Thanksgiving. It was a fantastic way to truly made us thankful. It really made us work together on a day we would have otherwise spent watching TV and waiting for my mom and aunts to finish cooking.

While we were EXTREMELY grateful when the electricity came back on at about 9pm, I will always remember the silliest thanksgiving ever.












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