Espresso withdrawals

Welcome Home!

I’m finally back in the states, back at my desk, and back to my routine.

I won’t lie, coming to work was not on my list of favorite things to do today but I feel a lot better now that I’m here. It’s not like I wouldn’t rather be sitting at home in my pj’s eating pop tarts and watching Gilmore Girls but I needed to get back into real life and be a contributing member of society… kinda.

My maple syrup tea and I are sittin’ and chillin’ listening to the “Endless River: This is Pink Floyd” playlist on Spotify while pretending to catch up. My general blogging plan is to outline each day of my trip in detail and picture this weekend. Hopefully all goes well and IC&GW gets a rundown of my European adventure. Until then, here’s a picture of one of the many tiramisus we ate while in Rome.


Arrivederci amici!


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