T minues 29 hours, 17 minutes

In a little less than 3o hours, I will be squished into row 32 on a 767 to Paris.

My brain feels like it is on drugs.

I’m sitting at my desk practically shaking because I feel like I have so much to do and not enough time! I feel like I’ve been planning for years and now its finally here and nothing is planned. Its a little unreal. I’m so excited. I cant wait to wake up in another country. There’s a chance I just won’t come home. I’ll just live out of my suitcase in Europe forever. I’ll drink wine and eat bread and never come back to America. I’ll be a stow-away, and ex-pat, an illegal immigrant. I’m ok with it.

I’m so worried I’m going to forget something. I keep making list after list. I keep losing my lists. I keep freaking out about the current list verses the missing list. I am actually going insane.

My hour lunch break will probably consist of shopping for travel sized shampoos and giant sweaters for the plane ride. Both are super important obviously.

Everything is going a million miles an hour. And me? I am currently sitting at my desk, eating left over lasagna, freaking out about the 14 different guides I printed out for both cities that are now sitting on my desk next to me. At least the company is good.


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