We are moving though birthday week at a rapid pace now

Today is day 3 of birthday week. It is also my best friend’s birthday. Tomorrow is my own birthday, but that doesn’t mean birthday week ends.

Day three started with a beautiful sunrise that I managed not to be
be able to get a picture of, and donut and croissant breakfast. It was a good start. It was a decent day. The weather was nice most of the day. So that contributed to the rating of “decent.”



After work I went to BookMarc on Bleeker Street where Caroline de Maigret signed my copy of “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are.” I took a canned sparkling wine, and snapped a picture of Ms. de Maigret while she signed someone else’s book, (after she had signed my own, of course) and headed back up to 42nd street to catch my bus. I walked around Bryant Park for a bit, tried on an Indiana Jones hat, and grabbed a 1/2 pound of cookies and a raspberry iced tea, (that’s my dinner) before squishing myself into a seat on the bus.


perfection, as expected


Now I’m on my way home.

I have to prepare for my birthday. I probably should gotten a cute outfit to wear on my actual birthday, but I forgot, and I don’t really mind wearing something I already have. It adds to the mystique, I think.

And thus concludes day 3 of birthday week.


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