You may be right… I may be crazy

All I really want right now is to pass out across my bed. Since I can’t do that, you’re going to hear about my life.

Like most kids, my parents heavily influenced my taste in music. At 8, I was the only kid I knew that could name all of the members of the Rat Pack, understood that Frank Sinatra was one of the greatest American singers to walk to the planet, and could sing every word to Mambo Italiano. In 6th grade, when all the other girls were doing biography projects on Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes, I drew a picture of Ol’ Blue Eyes and wrote his biography on the back of his head. Not normal, I know.

But as an adult, I love that my parents shared their love of music for me. For a little while, I only ever heard my mom listen to music. It was hard for my dad to love music after his mom died when he was 21. While she was sick, she would always have the radio near her bed and he ended up associating music with his deceased mother. It was a big deal when him and I got into music together, and it meant a lot to me.

So, to sum up the last two paragraphs, I have a very eclectic musical taste that I am very proud of.

But out of all of my weird musical loves, Billy Joel has always been at the top of the list. Because his career has spanned across multiple decades, he was able to create completely different kinds of music. That comes in handy when you’re in one of those moods and don’t know what to listen to.

Last Thursday, my whole family went to see Billy Joel in concert. And it was awesome. I felt like such a child dancing around in my seat and getting my brother to dance with me. Billy is an amazing performer and I will never get sick of seeing him live. So, here are a bunch of pictures from my Billy night.








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