National Coffee Day

tumblr_nbpm3qbj1X1r5gmiko1_500HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE BEST DAY EVER. National Coffee Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m always a giant fan of free things, but when those free things are coffee, I get nuts.

Here is a list of all the places to hit up for coffee today. (I live in New York so I start with the NYC places and branch out from there based, on web research. If there are others, let me know!)

We will start with a personal favorite:

Dunkin Donuts: today, September 29th, Dunkin Donuts is giving a free medium cup of their new Dark Roast. I’m not usually a dark roast kinda girl but I made an exception (because it was free) and I have to say, its really good. Definitely a good cup to curl up in front of a fireplace with. (A woman I work with got it iced! If you have a good relationship with your local Dunkin people, I bet they’d do it too. I love the girls at my Dunkin in the morning. They’re so sweet!)

Krispy Kreme: today they are giving out a free 12oz cup of regular coffee or pay a dollar and get a 12oz mocha, latte or iced coffee.

McDonald’s: WAIT A MINUTE. I just found out that McDonald’s has been giving out a free coffee with breakfast for the last TWO WEEKS. Today is the last day of the offer. I’m a little offended. Except the McDonald’s near me is kind of far and a little sketchy so I probably wouldn’t have gone every day anyway.

Both Starbucks and Caribou Coffee (we don’t have these near me but I still heard) are offering samples of their new roasts, Ethiopia Blend at the ‘bucks and Amy’s Blend ad the ‘bou. Check ’em both out because trying new things is part of life.

The rest of these aren’t near me but I hope they’re near you, everyone needs coffee on National Coffee Day!

Tim Hortons: These crazy nutjobs are not only offering a $1 cup of coffee, they’ve also hidden golden envelopes with over $9,000 in cash and gift cards around five cities (according to,) including Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan, Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo and Rochester, New York. If you or someone you know is a resident in any of these cities tell them to check out Tim Hortons’ social media (FB & Twitter) for clues!

Kangaroo Express: Just one cent can get you a 12oz Bean Street coffee from the crazy kangaroo.

LaMar’s Donuts: free 12oz! Love free things.

Peet’s Coffee: Buy one get one from Peet. there are also samples all day!

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.: free cup o’joe (hot or iced!) with a purchase of any menu item.

Wawa: click here to get a coupon for a free coffee. Yay for free coffee coupons!

Like i said, if there are others I need to add to my list, let me know!




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