Its the happiest season of allllll


Welcome to the first full day of Fall!

Everyone loves Autumn. Come on. I will not let you deny it. Nature shows us how colorful she can be, we get to wear boots and cozy sweaters, hot tea is a thing. Fall is magical and wonderful and thank the good Lord it has arrived because I want to take a road trip up north through the woods and watch all the leaves change colors.

I also need to organize all my scarves/gloves/hats for the coming cold. I like being chilled, not frigid. Its a fine line, but I run it with precision.

But besides the warmness of scarves and boots, I definitely need to look into a serious revamping of my Fall wardrobe. I need more browns in my life. I wear all black most days (not because I have to, but because I find it easiest to match blacks that I do to match colors.) And I need to stop eating everything in sight. With the cold weather comes a seriously hearty appetite so I have a lot of gym sessions to attend… which sucks, terribly.

And, while losing weight and dressing pretty and organizing better, I’m going to need to plan my trip to Europe. I get so nervous every time I think about it. I’ve talked to my boyfriend about what he wants to accomplish during out three days in Paris and three days in Rome but he keeps saying that we can do whatever I want because he only wants to be with me, and everything else is just a plus. I appreciate him trying to take the pressure off, but him saying he doesn’t care what he sees only adds more pressure on me. I’m working on not going crazy but I don’t think its going well.

But, whatever. It’s Autumn. I need to enjoy it.

Side Note: I’m pretty sure, subconsciously, the only reason I have a savings account is that I can eventually stop working, buy myself an A-Line house and a giant dog (like a newfie or something almost ride-able), live in the woods and write a bunch of random shit on my type writer while eating fruit snacks, gummy worms, and cookies.  But again, what-the-heck-ever man.



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