So I cut my hair…

As I was having a mini freak out, the man cutting it continually told me that length is relative and that my hair was still long. He, of course, was unaware of my 6th grade bob that resulted in a weird mushroom type curly hair style that I had for 2 years while trying to grow it out. But I digress.

It came out pretty cool. I kind of wish if had more layers but I was trying to avoid the mushroom ‘do of 2006-2008 (otherwise known as “my awkward stage.”)

Without further adieu, I present to you the progression of my the new haircut:


here I am before the cut, chillin with my cute coffee cup, completely unaware of what is about to happen


hair is washed, here we go.


looks like there is no going back now…


yea we’re in deep now dude





And there you have it folks… I now have short(er) hair and am slowly freaking out… internally though. I kinda love it. I’m excited to wash it and use too much shampoo by accident.

Woo go short hair!!


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