This was pointless

I have nothing really important to write about but its terribly slow at work and I figured I would try to be productive… LOL JK IM GONNA WRITE ABOUT NOTHING.

It is 10:30am, I am sitting at my desk in a sweatshirt, eating cheddar popcorn and counting down the seconds until 11:30. At 11:30ish I will be whisked away (probably take the subway in the pouring rain) to some swanky hair salon uptown (probably uptown.. I don’t actually know) where I will be getting my hair cut by an expensive professional, for free. My boss is an amazing woman who is letting me attend a hair event for our clients. I have no idea how I want to cut my hair but I was thinking of deciding once I got there. I’m not too worried.

This popcorn is magnificent. I need to stop eating it but I can’t.

I literally have no idea what to write right now.

This weekend I spent almost all the time I wasn’t sleeping, cross stitching. I’m almost done. It looks pretty cool actually. I’ve drawn a new pattern for when I finish this one. But since I spend all my time at work or commuting, I don’t know when I’ll be finishing it. Once its complete I will be posting it everywhere to brag about how I’m 90 years old and can do things like this. It’ll be great.

so until then…



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