3-7 Business Days

I am an idiot. Also I was definitely drugged or something yesterday. Or maybe I was delirious (9 hours of straight outlet shopping with my mom can do that to a person.)

After spending almost $300 on work clothes (note: when I say work clothes I mean clothes I say are for work but ones I will definitely wear out) I came home to an email from whatgoesaroundnyc.com about vintage luxury items for sale. Clicking through the email was a fantastic idea for anyone else but me. Did that stop me? LOL NOPE. I scrolled through the vintage Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and Hermes until I finally found the vintage Chanel bags. You would think I would stop, I just spent a lot of money on clothes, I need to save for Europe, I need to save forever, this is probably a bad idea, and then I saw her. A vintage Chanel black caviar vanity case for under $800… Barely.


She’s a cute little thing, 5.5″ x 6.5″ x 5″, pre-owned, calf leather. She was perfect, and she needed to be mine.
This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to have money.

After a little hyperventilation and a thumbs up from both my sisters (read: enablers) I pressed the big red place order button and sat staring at my laptop in shock while the web page loaded to say order successful.

I’m pretty sure, in that moment, I heard Kel from nickelodeon’s Kenan and Kel yell “Aw, here it goes!” in the distance. There was no turning back now. After a minute of panicking my phone rang. Hesitantly, I answered. It was 11:30pm. It’s a little late for telemarketers. Raj from Chase Bank fraud prevention began to introduce himself in a serious tone that bordered on disappointment. Or maybe that was my conscience. Either way he was calling to confirm the purchases my debit card had made over the last 12 hours. And then I felt the guilt set in. After verifying that it was indeed me who had spent over $1000 in one day, I hung up and danced around my room.
Guilt was gone, I was getting a baby Chanel!

Today, I received the email that lets me know my order has been shipped. So, basically, if you’re wondering why you read this, it’s because this entire post was written to let you know that in 3-7 business days I will be going to sleep hugging a 6 inch Chanel vanity case like a teddy bear.

Welcome to the good life.



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