It’s a great day for a birthday.


Yesterday, July 24th, was my boyfriend’s 25th birthday.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see him yesterday because I had work and he went to Atlantic City with his friends to gamble and drink. But I wasn’t worried. Our relationship is absolutely no where near normal so we’re really good at rolling with the punches and making the best out of almost any situation. While we’ve only been dating since October 2013, Nick and I have known each other since about 2008…ish.

It’s a long/weird story. I will start from the beginning and tell the shortest version possible.

During my sophomore and junior years of high school, I branched out to make the friends I’d been afraid to make in my freshman year. The group of best friends I graduated high school with consisted of four girls who had all been thrown into a gym class together junior year. Once we could all drive we started hanging out at Michelle’s house. It was the most comfortable house for all of us, especially because Michelle came from a huge Irish family. They were loud and drunk and awesome. The three of us loved being with Michelle and her family because they welcomed us with open arms and an open case of budlight. how could we say no?

Eventually we ended up at Michelle’s house almost every weekend. We started inviting other friends and soon smushed our new group with Michelle’s older brother, Stephan’s, group of well established friends. Steve is two years above us in school and went to a different high school. That didn’t matter much since most of the friends he would have over lived within 5 blocks of his house.

Eventually the groups merged and Stephan’s friends because our friends. While they were all very attractive, I never looked at any of them as anything more than a friend. apparently I was the only one to think that way… But that’s another story entirely.

Skip a bit into the future and we are in the summer after my first year of college. My group of best friends had been split down the middle; my friend Breanna and I attended Monmouth University in Long Branch, New Jersey and learned what a hoagie was (I will always just call it a sandwich because the word hoagie is just ridiculous,) while Michelle and our fourth friend Doyle (whose real name is Kaitlyn but no one calls her that) went to Manhattan College in the Bronx and became city kids. Even though we grew up, we made sure not to grow apart and would still see each other as often as possible. During the summer after my freshman year of college, I was newly single and was looking to get my mind off of the most useless boy I will ever date.

…In walks Nick Chris.

Nick and I started texting a few weeks into my summer break. Nothing major. His brother Chris had also shown interest in me (as he does with pretty much any girl brought into the house) but decided to let Nick take the reigns, because Chris is a nice brother.

Nick turned 21 the summer after my first year of college. He and his friends decided it would be really cool if all the guys sailed down to Atlantic City for his birthday. The girls (there were 6 of us because we also took Michelle’s two cousins) drove down there the day after they left and met them at what was then known as Trump Marina. It was while I was pulling into a parking lot that my friends decided to tell me that I was actually a surprise. I was meant as a birthday present. I was a little pissed off but knew Nick would never have the guts to invite me down otherwise.

And that was the first time I kissed my boyfriend, but he definitely wasn’t my boyfriend then.

After a short summer romance, I went back to school and had a new boyfriend in a week. He was a boy I had been close with the year before and it seem right… For the moment. Nick was furious but I explained to everyone (apparently Nick wasn’t the only one not happy about my new boyfriend) that I did not have feelings for Nick.

Fast forward a year and a half; I am at the end of my junior year of college and have broken up with the boy I started dating a week into my sophomore year. FINALLY.

I still didn’t have feelings for Nick, but now at least I could talk to him without feeling guilty. I kept my friendship with Nick as platonic as I could but no matter what I did, he was always there acting like a boyfriend I didn’t want. Even though I didn’t want him, he still made a fantastic boyfriend. He even cooked me and my roommates a 4 course meal for Valentine’s day. The man does not mess around. But still, I was not interested.

Jumping ahead again. With September 2013 coming to a close, I met a girl Nick had started seeing. They weren’t serious because I had emotionally stunted the poor guy, but after meeting her I realized that I liked him a little more than I had originally thought.

Finally, in the beginning of October 2013, I told Nick that I was ready to settle down and that I wanted him to myself. Jealousy is a scary, scary, thing my friends. Guard against it.

All jokes aside, I am so insanely lucky to have him. The last couple of years have turned him into my best friend as well as my boyfriend. I’m able to talk to him about anything and he will listen. He remembers things about me no one else even knows. He is the greatest boyfriend to walk the planet and I still can’t believe I get to call him mine.







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