I went to the gym, am I skinny yet?

I love iced coffee. That is not a secret. I spend the majority of my paycheck at Dunkin Donuts buying iced coffees. But I get upset that it never tastes as good when I make it. Apparently nothing beats Dunkin iced coffee. I try anyway.

Saturday night I made coffee and put it in a pitcher in the refrigerator. Sunday morning I tried it. It wasn’t great but it was a start. Sunday night I tried again. This time I added a lot of cinnamon. Probably too much. Whatever. I also made coffee ice cubes with the left over coffee I had made on Saturday.

Monday morning, my sister and I poured ourselves two giant iced coffees and tried tackling the Brooklyn subway system. It was the beginning of a beautiful day.

Yesterday was jam packed full of productivity.

I took the train with my sister from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Because we were nervous we took an early train. Just in case. Our anxiety over a new route to work resulted in my being 30 minutes early with nothing to do. But I was prepared. I had already drank half of my 16 ounce iced coffee and was ready for anything life could throw at me. I decided I needed shoes. Logical decision for any girl with a little extra cash in her pocket (except I definitely didn’t have a little extra spending money but whatever.) Well, 2 blocks and $50 later, I walked out of Aerosole in a perfect pair of black leather slip-on shoes while the flats I had originally worn that morning dangled in the paper bag the guy at the check out counter had given me. Let the pretty, non-hurting walk commence!

Once I had my new shoes, I was unstoppable, obviously. I got to my office and dropped off my purse. I left the rest of my iced coffee at my desk because the office was empty and decided I wasn’t done being productive. I went to the gym next to my office and signed up. I was given a tour and a log in key and told to come back anytime. But here is the problem, I’ve never actually stepped foot inside a real gym before. So I was lost. Whatever, I was being productive and it’s bathing suit season. I’ll figure it out.

Next, I decided to figure out what to do while at a gym. I googled Modell’s and Modell’s coupons (which useless because the Modell’s by my office is teeny and doesn’t have what the coupons were offering,) and trekked over to the Modell’s on 34th street and 7th ave. It was small but it had sneakers and that’s what I needed. I found the perfect pair, cheap, black, bright on the inside and not $100 like all the rest. I felt like the color scheme matched me as a person. Apparently the boy helping me thought the same thing. (He also told me that black looks wonderful on me – thank you Modell’s boy.)

I walked out of Modell’s with my brand new pair of sneakers and a renewed sense of purpose that had unfortunately been dying out since, at that point, it was after 2pm and iced coffee no longer flowed freely through my veins.

Last night, after getting home, I packed for my first day at the gym. I squished as many water bottles as I could in my bag and wrapped my new kicks in the tissue paper that was in the box.

This morning, I squished myself onto the F train and hated life as we rode 40 minutes into Manhattan. I kept hitting people with my gym bag but I couldn’t help it! At 1:30 I strolled into the gym, showed them my little pass and went to change in the women’s locker room. I worked out until about 2:20 (by worked out I mean I randomly played with some of the machines) and then went back to change. My arms are twitchy and I’m nauseous but I survived my first day as a real live gym member.

I think this is what it feels like to be an adult. Nausea, twitchy and tired.

Cheers to the adult life!


new shoes


new sneakers to pretend I can actually gym


weird freight elevator selfie with my gym bag


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