Staying for a month, may have packed for 6


Every summer, my parents pack up my house and drive us out to the middle of no where. Every year after my siblings finish school, the six of us move to the most Irish place on Earth besides Ireland and are stuck here until school starts again.

Breezy Point, New York, according to the United States Census Bureau in 2000, has the 2nd highest concentration of Irish-Americans in the United States at 60.3% as of the United States Census, 2000, (somewhere in Massachusetts is #1; surprisingly it’s not Boston.) They’re able to stay so Irish and white (98.2% white according to the same census) because, in order to buy a house in the gated community, the person or family must get recommended by three members of the Cooperative that run the place and then get the approval from the Coop’s Board of Directors. It’s very biased and racist and if you don’t live here you probably hate it.

I’ve been coming here every summer since I was born. My siblings and I never really tried to talk to anyone here so we never really made friends. It’s not like we actually care. The four of us have always been our own party. My grandparents live here all year round and sometimes get dirty looks when they speak to someone because of their Italian accents. They brush it off. They love living on the beach so it doesn’t bother them.

Not everyone here is racist. A lot of the people here are very nice. Those are the ones we look for.

Its a little more exciting because my aunt and her family come down now as well. Weekends are fun because we spend the day on the beach and then dinner and coffee are shared at my grandparent’s house.

The thing about Breezy is, no matter how weird the people are, how annoying the coop is, how nuts the rules are, it is beautiful. I have never seen more beautiful sunsets. The beaches are well kept and the bay side is usually empty, resulting in my own private beach. The security team is usually really understanding and most of them are close to my age so they’re all relatively sweet. People smile when I pass them. Breezy Point will always be my second home, even if I’m bored off my face 98% of them time I’m here.





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