Fridays aren’t really my days.

Fridays usually end with me passed out diagonally across the rug in my living room, wrapped in blankets with a package of Oreos near by. But every once in a while, I act like an adult and actually go out on a Friday night.

Last Friday was a “half-adult” Friday.

I met a friend at Eataly for dinner. We ate at La Piazza, which is the center of the market and only serves salumi and cheese. But a wine and cheese appetizer was just what I needed.


Since I was already in the land of cheese, I also brought a chunk of cheese and a quarter pound of Prosciutto… ya know, for research.


After cheese shopping, we had Gelato, which of course, was amazing.


A lot of walking and flower crowns later, we Found the Nugget Spot! We ate our weight in chicken nuggets and decided to call it a night.



And that was my half adult Friday!



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