My future home



Once I get my own place, this is what my living room walls will look like. (…and the bed room walls, and the kitchen walls. pretty much any wall I can do this to, its going down)

I’ll have a big, brown, worn out leather chair for me to read in and a suede couch of a similar color. I’ll get multiple side tables for around the room with dozens of candles and lamps so I can adjust the brightness depending on my mood.

I’ll have cute little coasters for my mugs and warn blankets everywhere, just in case. I want fluffy pillows to lean on and plants and flowers all around the room. I’ll get a surround sound type system and connect it to a record player, so that I can play pretty music while I read; I want a desk in the corner, an antique wood one (with matching chair) to put my type writer on, and a gorgeous leather bound notebook to write stuff in that will stay at the desk, a feather quill to write with, and a giant carpet for the middle of the room.

This is what I want my future to look like. That’s important.

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