My mom was 24 when I was born. My parents had been married for a little more than a year when I entered the world and brought the magic of parenthood to them. They told me that originally, they had wanted to wait five years before having children. Apparently the universe thought otherwise.
Both my parents are the oldest sibling. My father is the oldest of three, (he has two sisters,) and my mother is the oldest of four, (she has a bother and two sisters.) When I was born, my mom’s youngest sibling was 12 years old. My Aunt Lisa was probably the most important woman in my life growing up besides my mother and grandmother. She was like an older sister, and taught through example. She was smart, independent, courageous and always did what she thought was right, no matter what everyone else did. I’ve always looked up to her and she always looked out for me.
When I was 15, my Aunt Lisa married her best friend, Frankie. He’s the nicest man you could ever meet and he’s loved my aunt since he was 14. A few years later, they had their first child, Francesco. He’s the most adorable child I’ve ever met. Almost two years after him, they had their daughter, Rosanna. Again, a crazy adorable little kid whom I love with all my heart.photo_1(1)
These two mean so much to me and I wish I could give them everything my aunt gave me. I wish we lived just a little bit closer, so I could teach them the ways of life. They don’t live far though, which is nice. I love seeing them as often as I can and watching them grow up.
Last night I slept over to help out and hang out with my aunt and uncle. I think my aunt felt bad because we didn’t do anything special. I tried to explain to her that I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just want to be around them. I don’t think my aunt understands how much she means to me.




My little munchkins are a giant reason to smile, always.


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