Why was there no pizza?!


Yesterday I watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie trailer. I’ve loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since I was little. My brother and I used to watch movies and shows all the time. Rafael was always my favorite turtle. So when I found out they put out an official trailer I needed to watch it. I was going to post about it yesterday, immediately after seeing it, but I had a really bad stomach day; (sometimes my stomach dictates how my day goes.. it is never a good thing.) So I watched it again today and these were my thoughts during the three times I viewed the trailer.

  • Why is Megan Fox in this movie?
  • Time out where are the turtles
  • Why is everything in New York falling down
  • Oh well.. no one really likes Times Square anyway
  • The foot clan look badass
  • I feel like the Turtles faces look funny
  • Apparently BuzzFeed says they look like Shrek… I cannot disagree
  • I still have no idea why Megan Fox is in this
  • Its so dark whoa
  • Literally no reason for her to be here… She looks nothing like April is supposed to look
  • Where is the pizza??!?!
  • The trailer doesn’t give much about movie… Will there be a story line?
  • This movie looks way too serious for it to be about ninja turtles
  • Where was the cowabunga though? where?
  • This was pretty much a giant tease, I still know nothing about this movie

Really though, even the plot summary on the official youtube trailer is lame. And at the end of the trailer it says to visit the official movie website, which you need a passcode to enter. That was annoying. After trying things like ‘pizza’ and ‘cowabunga’ I gave up and didn’t make it into the site.

If this movie is ruined by pointless explosions and serious turtles, I am going to be so pissed off.



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