Tudor City

I went exploring around where I work yesterday.

I never explore. Especially in the winter. It’s cold and I don’t like to leave my desk.

And when I say explore I mean I went to the park a block from my office and sat on the swing and watched the clouds go by and the people come in and out of the park and the little boy play hide and seek with his dad. I decided its a beautiful place to be, Tudor City. It looks like an old part of the city. All the buildings have stained glass windows and the people all seem to have that class that you can’t pay for (something I strive to have, especially in my old age.) It’s a place I wouldn’t mind living in. Waking up on the river; seeing the UN from my window; walking my dog along the park’s edge; exploring my tiny part of the world every day. I would enjoy the trees and the wind and how un-city like this little section of Manhattan is. As I walked back to my office I contemplated going back tomorrow. And then again once it got warmer. It would be the perfect place to read or people watch. Obviously I was excited.

But then I walked into the office was told we are most likely moving. Cool.

Oh and after that my day just got worse. I’m finally writing this because yesterday’s madness has died down… I think. So here are some Tudor City pictures from 3/25/2014.





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