Things are lookin’ up!

When I graduated college, I crossed that stage with a heavy heart.

On one hand, I was thrilled to finally be receiving a reward for getting up at weird hours and staying up passed obscene hours, reading annoying articles, and writing a bajillion papers over the last 4 years of my life.

But on the other hand, I figured my life was pretty much over. I would never have a summer break again; I couldn’t just skip work because of a hangover or to catch up on sleep; I’d actually have to pay attention at work and not sit in the back of the class with my Oreos reading Harry Potter. This was going to suck and I knew that.

When I started work in July, I finally realized how much working could potentially suck. I couldn’t do anything during the week, I missed gorgeous summer days, I was always tired and I had to stay in cold New York while my family went to beautiful Florida between Christmas and New Years. I was miserable.

I spent all of January depressed. The weather plus my realization that I was going to be stuck at a desk for the rest of my life hit me hard and I was spiraling wayyyy down.

Then awesome stuff started happening all at once.

I found a groupon vacation to Europe. I couldn’t pass up a trip to Europe so I convinced my parents that it would be ok for me and my boyfriend (this is where I lost them) to go to Rome and Paris together.

After a bunch of convincing and a wee bit of begging they said yes.

Except my boyfriend didn’t have a passport. That was a good time. But finally he got his shit together. We bought the groupons and booked our flights. We leave for Paris in November!

Still, November is far away and the cold tends to make me restless. A few weeks later my mom told me we, as a family, are going to Minnesota for my cousin’s communion. I love Minnesota and am ecstatic about it. But we can’t stay long. We leave Friday evening and come home Monday night. Two full days with my aunt, uncle and two cousins is better than none I guess.

A few months back my mom told me to take off Holy Thursday and Good Friday; I will be spending the holiest weekend of the year in Florida with my grandparents! My parents and younger siblings will be flying down the week before, then my sister in college and I will be meeting them Thursday morning.

To keep this count strong lets recap:

  • it is now march, I will be going to a concert with my boyfriend on 26th
  • I will be spending one weekend in April in Florida with my family
  • One weekend in May in Minnesota with my family
  • I’ll be attending one wedding at the end of May as a date
  • And one wedding in June as a date
  • And I will be heading to Europe in November

Now I have something to look forward to every month. But it doesn’t even stop there.

My cousin Nicole is getting married next February and has asked my sister Elisa to be in her bridal party. That’s cool and all but what’s more exciting is that I will be heading to Vegas with the bridal party for the bachelorette weekend! My sister is only 19 so my parents asked me to go with her to make sure she’s ok, but apparently I was going to be invited anyway. So now on top of all of the fun stuff I get to do until November, I get to go to Las Vegas for the first time in August!

I guess being an adult doesn’t suck as much as I thought it would.

But now, all I want to do is start packing for my trips!


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