Too excited. Can’t handle it!

I still can’t get over the fact that I get to leave the country again.

I love traveling. I love packing. I love seeing things I’ve never seen before and hearing languages I’ve never heard before. I love hotels and airports and trains. I love the idea of leaving everything behind and traveling to somewhere new, even if it’s only for a little while. Yesterday I booked our flights and on my way home researched the hotels we will be staying in.

The hotels were included in the final price, so I wasn’t able to choose which hotel we stayed in. Neither one seems like we would have a problem with it though.

The hotel in Paris is Moroccan themed, which sounds wonderful. I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco because I admire the architecture so much. It is located in the 14th district of Paris and seems like a bit of a hike to any “tourist attractions,” but I like the idea of being out of the way and being able to experience Paris as a town instead of one giant tourist trap. I like that we’ll be able to walk around and experience the district during it’s daily routines. Judging by Googlemaps, it seems like the hotel is in a primarily residential area which looks like fun.

The hotel in Rome seems a bit dodgy but I’m hoping that’s just me being silly. This hotel is on the outskirts of the city (the website says near the Vatican but whatevs) and seems to be across the road from an abandoned field. I’m used to the sketchy openness of Italy because that is what the outskirts of my hometown look like, but we will most likely have to take a cab anywhere we choose to go. As annoying as that is, I plan on hitting every tourist trap in Rome so I’ll be saving up for my cab fund 🙂 Rome is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite city in the world. I loved living there and would do it again in a heart beat. I hated having to wash my clothes in the bathtub but it was worth it. Hopefully I’m overreacting to the hotel.

I’ve been researching places to visit and things to see since we bought the vouchers a few weeks ago. I feel no where near prepared but I have a lot of time. I definitely feel like I should be more organized by November. I’m so nervous about not being able to speak French because that’s a huge barrier when it comes to getting around Paris. The few people I’ve spoken to about my trip have said that many people who work in Paris speak English, which would make my trip easier. But I don’t want to go to Paris or Rome as a tourist. I want to really experience each city.

Three days is not nearly enough time for me to truly appreciate either city, but unfortunately, that’s all I have.

I’ve made lists of things that are a MUST SEE and things that I wouldn’t mind ditching.

So far, the Must See list is giant.

I’m so overjoyed I can barely contain it.

266 days!!


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