I’m Happy!!

I love being happy. I’ve usually an optimistic person, with a tendency to be happier than most people about ordinary things.

But the last few weeks have been weird and I haven’t been as happy as I usually am.

BUT I’M BACK. I’m back and I’m excited about everything. Nothing can get me down right now and I love it. I’ve been smiling and laughing more than usual and even when something turns sour or doesn’t go as planned I bounce back. It’s awesome.

So I decided to make a list of all the things that make me happier than my usual level of happy:

  • chocolate
  • getting hard cover books for really cheap
  • seeing old friends that I haven’t seen in a while
  • giant comfy blankets
  • watches
  • fruit roll ups
  • when my parents are happy
  • beaches/the ocean
  • falling asleep on my living room floor next to my fireplace
  • hugs from my boyfriend
  • doing something well
  • when someone is proud of me
  • people with pretty eyes
  • Dinosaur chicken nuggets
  • coming home to my family
  • when they wait for me to have dinner
  • when no one sits next to me on the bus
  • giant water bottles
  • showing someone I care
  • making someone else smile
  • puppies/kittens/any baby animal
  • hearing people laugh
  • chicken cutlets
  • when my siblings and I get to hang out together and do nothing
  • when my boyfriend calls me “my love”
  • that little burst of excitement when I decide to do something new, like learn Arabic (we’ll see how that works)
  • the idea of traveling
  • talking to my two best friends, both of whom don’t live in New York
  • my Gutenburg Bible journal
  • not fucking up at work
  • having an actual good day at work
  • spikes on jewelry/clothes
  • leather clothing/accessories
  • anything blue raspberry flavored
  • anything raspberry flavored too (i just really like raspberries)
  • watching documentaries about sea life, like octopus and jellyfish
  • powerful words
  • amazing poetry
  • delicious sandwiches
  • coloring
  • teddy graham’s
  • inspiring quotes that aren’t overused
  • nick names
  • the woman i work with who has become like my work mom
  • actually having my own money
  • the idea of summer
  • visit my old college
  • smiling

edit: I forgot to add sunrises… Sunrises are a huge deal. They need to be on this list


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