Welp I bought a book…. and a cookie.

Ok I will explain.

I’m allowed an hour break at work. I know, generous.

Because of my foul mood I decided to walk around. But since its about 5 degrees in New York right now, I went for a walk inside Grand Central Station.

Every time I’ve ever been inside Grand Central I’ve gotten slightly lost. I lose any ability (which isn’t much) I have to find my way around. I ended up at a book store. I’ve been there once before but couldn’t find my way back a few weeks after. So I went in and apparently spent an hour picking out a day planner in this mysterious book store inside Grand Central Station. Terrific.

Either way, I bought myself a day planner, in the hopes that I would be able to keep my life in order.


Somehow, before checking out, I found myself at a table full of self help books. I don’t know how I got there because this table was on the opposite side of the store and I didn’t realize what genre the books until I picked out All the Time in the World: A Book of Hours by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins.

I won’t lie, I was drawn to the cover first.


Hopefully it wasn’t a mistake. But look at that cover! Its gorgeous! I guess we’ll see how I like it.

After leaving the book store I made a wrong turn (obviously) and ended up at a bakery. The guy behind the counter said he had fresh chocolate chunk cookies, so I bought one.

I immediately felt 100 times better with my books and cookie.

Hopefully my mood will be completely gone after some dinner and rest.


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