This weekend I went back to my alma mater for the first time since I graduated in May.

Saturday was Monmouth University’s homecoming. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the game, so Saturday night I went to a get together my fraternity (Alpha Kappa Psi) was throwing for everyone who came back. I missed my brothers. I hugged so many people. It made me feel really loved that everyone was so excited for me to be back. I’m so glad I went. The night was spent catching up and missing my college days. I rekindled friendships that had fizzled out over the summer and smiled more than normal.

The term “homecoming” took on a new meaning Saturday night. It made me realize that no matter how long I’m gone, I can always go back to Monmouth, back to my brothers, and they will invite me in with open arms. My fraternity is really like my family. They bicker like babies but in the end they still love each other. I went home Saturday and it made me realize that I miss them more than I’ve let myself believe.

Sunday morning I got breakfast with a couple brothers, Rob, Mike and Alissa and then drove home. My drive home was sad and I couldn’t really focus, so I got coffee from Rook, which I’ve missed terribly, and blasted Frank Sinatra until I was able to get back to Staten Island.

I don’t think my family understands how much I miss being there. It doesn’t matter though because I would like to go back more often, now that I know that my friends won’t find it weird.

I look forward to more catching up and more bacon egg and cheeses from Bagel Guys Deli.


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