Pip’s Place

Every morning, I catch the express bus from my block to Madison Ave and 42nd St. Every morning I walk up 42nd St a few avenues until I get to my office building. I usually see the same things, I don’t really deviate from my path often, not from lack of desire but out of sheer laziness and exhaustion.

But sometimes the bus driver lets us out on Madison and 38th St. This pretty much forces me to explore the area around where I work. And the last couple of times he’s done it have been very rewarding.

Today I found a gluten free bakery.

Pip’s Place, is a gluten-free cakery, located on east 39th St. between Park Ave and Lexington Ave. Its a small pink place, but the sign said coffee so I thought, “why not?” and walked in. It was empty when I walked in, which was perfect because I had no idea what I wanted. I asked the woman behind the counter what she recommended and she started rattling off very healthy sounding breakfasts. I decided on a zucchini and pecan muffin, which was definitely a good idea. I sat on a stool with my book, iced coffee and muffin and enjoyed my Monday morning as people began to pour in off the street. Somehow I had beat the rush, almost like I was supposed to be there.

It was perfect.




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