Day: October 6, 2013

My mind is a scary place to be right now

I’m beginning to freak out.

In less than 4 days I will be in Disney World, freaking out.

But right now, I’m freaking out in my room in New York. I don’t travel by myself (without my family) often. I’ve only ever flown alone a few times, mostly to meet my family down in Florida (but not in Disney World.) The only other time I’ve ever flown by myself was when I studied abroad in Rome, Italy with one of my best friends for a month.

As exciting as that was, this is pretty different. Then, I was 16 years old, my mom was up my butt, and she made sure I was ready for a month on my own. Now, I’m almost 22, my mom is in Florida for a wedding, and I don’t know how to pack for myself, let alone plan an entire vacation by myself.

My mom is actually a super hero; she is able to do an insane amount of  things without much thought and she is just really impressive. I hope to be like her eventually. But as of right now, I am SO lost.

I had planned on spending today locked in my bedroom so that I can figure out what to bring to Florida with me. However, as it is almost 3pm and I am laying across my bed, half crying because of a headache I have that hasn’t gone away since Friday I don’t now how well this is working out in my favor. Obviously, this pain is cutting into my plan and I don’t like it.

Another thing that’s adding to the increasing sense of drowning that I’m dealing with right now is that I have absolutely no idea what to bring to wear because its still at least 80 degrees there!

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 2.41.05 PM

So now I’m just freaking out and rolling around on my bed trying to think of what to wear… At least I know what books I’ll be bringing with me.

Wish me luck!