I like tea.

Not in a “oh earl gray is my shit, man,” way but more like “GIVE ME ALL THE FLAVORED TEAS YOU HAVE AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT THIS WEEK,” kind of way. Yup, I’m weird.

So, because of this, I go out and buy random kinds of tea every two or so months, drink them every day for two weeks, and then stop touching them until I remember where I left them. I actually act this way with a lot of things. I become obsessed with a certain something, and all I can think or talk about is that one thing. I will research it and get as much information on it as possible for about 3 weeks and then lose all interest in it forever… This makes my love life reaaaaaaaaaally awkward, let me tell ya.

So, last week I saw two pictures on tumblr and immediately became interested, so I did what I always do, research the crap out of it.

tumblr_m9wv8tFd0t1rvemjxo1_r1_500 tumblr_m9wv8tFd0t1rvemjxo2_r1_500source

This particular Pumpkin Chai is made by David’s Tea, a Canadian based tea franchise who does pretty damn well in both Canada and America.

My research led me to this year’s edition of David’s Pumpkin Chai, which comes in a different tin (which is wayyy cooler, but maybe I’m just biased.)


This discovery obviously led to a purchase of the tea (plus tea bags and honey sticks-good stuff, just saying) and $25 and 3 days later, the tea was sitting on my front door step with a few extra goodies!

20130925-095928.jpg      20130925-095938.jpg

20130925-095948.jpg      20130925-100000.jpg


I feel like the table cloth my mom had down for dinner was actually really relevant to my massive tea extravaganza going on.

I decided not to try it right then because of the caffeine in it (I would never have been able to sleep and would have cursed David and his delicious tea.) Instead I brought a zip lock bag with a little bit of tea so I could make some once I got to work.


This was a great idea. I brought the zip lock, a Teavana tumbler (which I got on sale in the Staten Island mall a couple months back – score!) and a honey stick to work, made my tea in the kitchen here and basked in the glory that is Pumpkin Chai tea. It completely turned my morning around making everything better.

Today is a great day.


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