This weekend was pretty exciting

While every weekend tends to bring with it random events that my parents never forewarn me about, this weekend was slightly different in the sense that I knew what was going to happen only slightly before hand, which made prepping a whole lot easier. On Friday a friend and I went to dinner, at a half-restaurant, half-bar called Jimmy Max. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the amazing food we ate. Thank God this one friend is one I can completely be myself around because I ordered more food than I had eaten in the last week. We had fried zucchini sticks, eggplant rollatini, baked clams, fried shrimp, mozzarella sticks and pizza; and let me tell you, that pizza was impressive. Half of it was the Jimmy Max special, which included fresh mozzarella and plum tomatoes, and the other half was a T.B.R. which stands for tomato, bacon and ricotta.

Side note – I’m really bad when it comes to taking pictures of my food because I’m usually starving by the time it gets there and am not looking to delay the joy that comes with eating to take a picture of my food. That’s why this posts gets nothing when it comes to food pics.

After a lovely dinner, I came home and passed out, saying good night to my brother as I walked very zombie-like to my bed. At about 1:30am, my brother, sister and mother all charged into my room throwing the lights on and laughing. When pressed for why there was a party going on in my room, my mom said she didn’t believe my brother when he told her I was home… my family is all crazy.

The next day the 5 of us, (excluding my sister Elisa who away at school right now), went to a diner for breakfast. I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon on the side. I’ve never been to a place where they put your bacon on your pancakes. I obviously stopped to take a picture of that. (see the below pancake atrocity) My mom, who doesn’t eat meat, was really upset because she wanted one, I felt bad, but it wasn’t my fault! What I learned from this experience: turkey bacon + chocolate =/= happiness.


After breakfast my parents went to meet up with Jackie Graziano, owner of Hollywood Garage, featured on American Pickers. For their anniversary, my mom got my dad to meet him and Jackie made a lamp out of exhaust pipes and is going to decorate it for him. Both Jackie and my dad can talk, so they were there the majority of the day.20130916-142419.jpg

At 7pm I caught the express bus into Manhattan with a couple of friends, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called El Toro Blanco (which was insanely good) then bar hopped a bit. All in all, the night was eventful enough for me to have a good time, but not too crazy. And I saw a whole bunch of cool stuff.



Its a turtle!








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