I love lazy Sundays.

Nothing can replace sitting with my mom and sister watching Love It or List It on HGTV and bonding over food and annoying couples. I’ve started packing my summer clothes away, preparing for the best season of the year. I am so excited to get all of my Fall clothes and shoes back out.

This weekend has been pretty quiet, which I’ve liked. Last night we went to the Greek festival that was held in the parking lot of the Greek church not too far away. The music made me want to dance and the food was delicious. The dessert was my favorite though. I love learning about other cultures, I know a few Greek people and really liked listening to their views on the country and its history.

I’m so glad we went yesterday, even if we only really stayed to eat. We started at a pan-Asian restaurant for dinner with the biggest portions ever. Once we were finished there, we moved onto the festival for dessert. The man making the loukoumades even let me give his machine a whirl, which was completely awesome. We watched people dance and my brother won a monkey, then my friend Nick drove us home.













All in all, it has been a lovely weekend, but I’m looking forward to going back to work and walking around Manhattan a little bit, should be exciting 🙂


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