Happy Teasday!

Get it? I know, I’m hysterical 🙂


But today I brought a mug into work so that I can finally enjoy the tea I bought last week!

I saw it fitting that its a Tuesday, hence my little pun thingy.

I didn’t always like tea; actually up until last year I hated it. I thought it was gross, but I’m pretty sure that stems from my dislike of flavored waters, (I’m weird, I know.)

However, I have recently become unnecessarily obsessed with teas, especially loose leaf teas. I think it was because of a book I read, where the main character and her aunts drink tea all the time. Either way, I started buying tea, A LOT of tea, all kinds of flavors and kinds. I have a decent collection now actually.

Last week I went on my eternal search for ice cream during my lunch break. I assumed Grand Central Market would have something, but alas, I was wrong. A tea and spices counter caught my eye instead. Maybe I’m a dork but I thought it was so pretty I had to stop, before I even knew what I was looking at. I was so excited when I found out it was loose leaf tea being sold! I asked a million questions and finally decided to buy a little container of tea.

Apparently I am a salesperson’s dream because I walked out of Grand Central Market with 3 containers of tea, a tea egg to make the tea and a sample of a tea called Tahiti. Obviously I was excited but I didn’t have a mug. I had to use a flimsy paper cup which ended up working out terribly.

I remembered that I bought a mug for $1 a few days before and vowed to bring the mug with me to work the next day. It is now Tuesday and I have FINALLY brought the mug to my desk. I like him, he’s a badass owl, and he was $1 from Cotton On!

So now I will go make myself some tea… Happy Teasday!



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