I love food

I have always loved food. And don’t be fooled by my gender, I can eat. I was actually in an eating contest a couple months back… I mean, it wasn’t official or anything, just a bunch of friends making a wager. Weird part was that I was the only girl but definitely held my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I still felt like a badass afterwards [that was before I tried to make myself throw up though. That was a failure.] Therefore, you can obviously tell food, in general, is one of my favorite things. But I especially love exotic food.
Chinese food is delicious, thai food is delightful, Italian food makes me want to hug everyone and the things I would do for freshly made baklava are definitely illegal in multiple states. So most of the time I will be mentioning food in my writing, only because its all I can think about.
Tonight, we decided to go for Mexican food. While Naples, Florida is not known for its Mexican food, they have one place that trumps all the rest. Mr. Tequila is God’s favorite Mexican restaurant, you might think I’m joking but I definitely am not. Not only is the food amazing, but both the food and the restaurant are extremely clean and the atmosphere is what I imagine Mexico to actually be like.
We have gone twice and both times I ordered the chicken fajita. It’s probably the best chicken I’ve had anywhere. I hope you’re getting the point that I really like this place.
Anyway I just wanted to share my love for Mr Tequila.



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